Bush Insertion Force Measurement

Bush Insertion Force Measurement is a system which measures the force applied to insert the bush or a bearing into its housing.

The force need to be measured because if the force applied to insert the bush or a bearing is too less,  then the inner diameter of housing is bigger than required and if it is taking too much of the force, then the inner diameter of the housing is smaller. In both the cases the quality of the product is compromised. In second case, if the force taken is higher, it can damage the bearing or bush or even the housing because of continued higher forces being applied on the bearing / bush or the housing.

The system is Load cell and PC based. The load cell is installed and the force applied by the press is measured. Then a high speed convertor converts the signal from the load cell to digital format and sends the data to computer at a speed of about 60 readings in a second. The computer then analyses the data send by load cell and the settings fed by the user and then shows graphical representation of the force and also the “Accepted” or “Rejected” Decision.