Automobile Sensors

Automobile Sensors

The ever growing demand of the high quality and highly reliable automobiles demand use of very high quality of materials and very strict standards of quality to be maintained by the manufacturers. For maintaining high quality of material and end product the testing at each level of production and designing is very important.

At Weighing Solution & Instrumentation, we have complete range of high quality and highly reliable Automobile Sensors used in Automobile testing. Sensors and equipments and testing machines for crash tests, material testing, equipment testing, testing of dynamics, testing of accessories like seat belts, child seats etc are also available and made as per the ARAI standards.  Apart from the standard testing sensors, any custom requirement can also be met by designing the sensor as per user requirement.

Our range of Automobile sensors include:


Rotary Torque Transducer

(For measurement of torque generated at various points in the automobile.)


Pedal Force Sensor

(For measurement of force applied onto the brake, clutch or accelerator or any other pedal in an automobile)

Gear Shift Sensor

Gear Shift Force Sensor

(To measure the force applied to shift the gear of an automobile. Mounted directly onto the gear lever)

Wheel torque sensor

Wheel Torque Sensor

(For measurement of torque generated by rotating automobile wheel)

Steering effort Sensor

Steering Effort Sensor

(For measurement of the effort applied by the driver to rotate an automobile steering)

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