Belt and Conveyor Weighing System

Conveyor Weighing System

Belt Weighing System

Our Belt and Conveyor Weighing Systems BW-01 provide a simple means for process control and accurate stock monitoring.

The BW-01 belt and conveyor weighing system will accurately measure and totalise passing product. At Weighing Solutions & Instrumentation, we have full in-house design facility and will perform an in-depth analysis to each requirement to provide highest accuracy and performance reliability.

Available in:

  • Standard Width
  • Customized Width
  • Single Idler Configurations
  • Multi Idler Configurations
  • Stable full floating weigh frame design
belt weighing system
Conveyor belt weighing system 1




BW-01 is based on micro controller incorporating the latest state of the art technology for continuous weighing application in Cement, Steel, Chemical, Petrochemical and Coal Industries.

There are three major elements of our BW-01 System:

  1. The weighing assembly with very high precision load cells in it.
  2. The belt speed sensor with digital photo electric sensor.
  3. The digitizer with RS-232/ RS-485/ USB/ 4-20ma or 0-10VDC outputs.


  • Inherently stable and rugged design.
  • Full floating weigh frame
  • Overload Protection stops
  • Modular weight controller system
  • Customization display
  • Display to weighing unit ration of one to many
  • Simple calibration procedures
  • Easy menu based programmable settings
  • Automatic belt zeroing
  • Analogue Output
  • Pulse Output


Belt Width: 300mm to 2000mm

Capacity: 1TPH to 3000TPH

Accuracy: +/- 1-2% Single Weigh Module

+/- 0.1 to 0.2% Two Weigh Modules



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