Bluetooth Weighing Systems

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We have developed complete range of Bluetooth Weighing Systems and scales ranging from Personal and Table top scales to High end Tank weighing and Hopper weighing systems with Bluetooth connectivity.

Personal and GYM scales with Bluetooth Connectivity: 

Bluetooth enabled scales are available for personal use and for gym and slimming center use. In these scales, the user connects to the scale and the smartphone and scale communicate using Bluetooth. The weight data is transferred to the Smartphone and rest is done by the App. The app stores the data and displays BMI, your weight in graphical representation (Whether you are losing or gaining) and any other feature required can also be incorporated into the app.

Bluetooth Weighing systems:

Bluetooth Enabled Table Top and Platform Scales:

Bluetooth weighing system
Bluetooth Weighing system and scales

In table top and platform scales, the smartphone connects with the scale via Bluetooth and the app in the smartphone receives the weight data from the scale and displays it as per option selected. Like, Grams, Litres, Price computing, Piece counting, Data logging Etc.

Our Bluetooth scales are compatible to work with Android based POS (Point of Sale) apps like e-Paisa. Our scales will connect and work with e-paisa POS seamlessly straight out of the box without any modification or changes.

Demo video of our Bluetooth Enabled Weighing Scale with our Android Test App can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTn7R9gC3ZU

Bluetooth Enabled Tank weighing Systems:

These are latest in the world of tank weighing systems. User connects his smartphone with the digital controller via Bluetooth. Now the app in the smartphone will display the weight in the tank on the phone and user can operate inlet or outlet valves directly from the smartphone and fill or empty the tank with just a tap on the screen.

Bluetooth Remote Controls:

We have also developed the Bluetooth remote control for weighing scales. To convert from weight mode to liter mode, just a tap on the smartphone screen is enough. Also the value of liter conversion can also be set from the smartphone itself.


Both Version 2.0 and Version 4.0 BLE are available.


We have a test app ready which can receive the weight from the Bluetooth weighing systems and scales version 2.0 and show the weight on display of your Android device. The screen shot of the app is given below:

Bluetooth weighing app
App to receive weight from weighing scale vi bluetooth

Bluetooth weighing systems

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