Concrete Pull Off Tester

Concrete Pull Off Tester

WSI’s Concrete pull off tester typically serves for the tensile strength of the concrete and resistance to tear adhesive and surface coatings.

The pull-off test involves applying a direct tensile load to a partial core advanced through the overlay material and into the underlying concrete until failure occurs. The tensile load is applied to the partial core through the use of a metal disk with a pull pin, bonded to the overlay with an epoxy.

A loading device with a reaction frame applies the load to the pull pin. The load is applied at a constant rate and the ultimate load is recorded.

The surface tensile strength of the concrete is a major feature for the diagnosis status of the existing buildings. The peel strength is the main characteristic of the products for the repair of concrete structure damaged and various adhesive and surface coatings such as plaster, plastic plaster, tiles, paints etc.

Concrete Pull off

Key Features:

# Portable sensor, easy to use and carry to sites

# Principle of hydraulic operation that allows precise adjustment of the speed of the load

# Accurate measurement of the load cell with strain gauge and a digital readout

# LCD Display

# Serial Port for data transmission

# Battery Operated

# Location and height of 3 supplies adjustable to allow the use in different conditions

# Axial load with ball joints which guarantees perfect axial load.


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