Consultants for Weighing Systems

WSI Name small 512 1Weighing Solutions & Instrumentation also work as consultants for weighing systems. If you are interest in installing or upgrading your existing weighing system, or are interested in starting a manufacturing business of digital weighing scales or need consultancy for same, we are here to help you.

We are experts in the field of weighing with experience of 20 years in the field of weighing scales and systems.

If you are planning to install a weighbridge in your factory, we can guide you with the type of system to opt for, type, capacity and make of load cells, digital indicators and other aspects where a lot of money can be saved. Consultancy for tank weighing systems, hopper weighing systems, industrial automation etc is also undertaken.

Key fields where we can provide consultancy are:

  • Manufacturing of digital weighing scales
  • Dealership of weighing scales
  • Repairer of weighing scales
  • Weighbridge installation
  • Weighing system installation
  • Weight based industrial automation
  • Vendors for different products used in manufacturing of weighing scales and systems
  • Designing of system
  • Load cells
  • Any other requirment in the field of digital weighing


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