Data Logging Weighing Scales

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Data Logging Weighing Scales

(Digital weighing scales which can store the weight data onto a USB Drive)


Model :XD / XR

USB Logging
Data logging weighing scale


At weighing Solutions & Instrumentation, New Delhi, We manufacture data logging weighing scales which are essentially digital weighing scales which also have inbuilt data logger in form of a USB port where a USB drive (Pen drive) can directly be connected and the scale will keep on storing / logging the weight data onto that drive.

The interval of the logging or condition for the logging can be factory programmed. It can be programmed to save the weight data once only when the weight on the platform has stabilized. Here, the if the weight on the platform of the scale is not stable, it will not be logged. As soon as the weight stabilizes on the scale for two seconds, the scales saves the weight reading onto the pen drive.

Alternatively, the system can also be factory programmed to save the weight data in certain conditions only. Like if the weight of the commodity crosses a set value, or the weight of the commodity is below the set value, or if the weight of the commodity is within the given range, then only the weight of that commodity will be stored. However, if required, all the data whether low, in range or over range, all can be stored with the markings. L marking for low range, R marking for In Range, and U marking for over range. Storing the date and time along with weight is also available optionally.

The data can be logged into the Microsoft Excel also in .XLS or .CSV format.

Pen drive with capacity upto 32gb can be connected with the system. There is a “EJECT SAFELY” button on the front panel of the scale which should be pressed once before removing the pen drive from the system otherwise the data will be lost.

All types of Table top and platform scales of all capacities are available with this option. Any customized option, if required, can also be incorporated as per user requirement.




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