Digital Weight Indicator

Model: BPMI

Digital weight indicator

New Delhi based WSI manufactures Digital Weight indicator which are panel mounted, high accuracy, PLC compatible and customized options are also available. These indicators can be set to any capacity with respective accuracy (upto 10000 scale intervals) and can be connected with PLC, Computers, Networks. One to weight load cells can be connected to the indicator however, a junction box should be used if more than one load cells are being connected.

Designed to work in any condition and application, these indicators are very easy to operate, very easy to mount and very easy to program and put to use. The indicators are Microcontroller based along with 24 bit Sigma/Delta ADC. Six digit seven segment RED LED display shows the weight and other parameters in setting mode. Can be calibrated to show the reading in g/ Kg/ N/ kN/ Liters.

Technical Specification:

Type: Panel Mounted.

Capacity: Can be set by user

Power source: 220VAC/50Hz

Display: Six digit seven segment RED LED Display

Keypad: Front panel 4 keys

Functions: Zero / Tare/ Net / Gross.

Micro controller: 8051 Derivative

ADC: 24bit Sigma Delta ADC

Load cell Excitation: 5V DC Regulated

Number of load cells: Maximum 8 load cell can be connected via junction box.

Type of load cells: Any type of load cells with 350Ω/ 700Ω/ 1000Ω Impedance can be connected.

Optional: Battery backup, RS-232, RS-485, Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity, Power on weight, Peak hold with LED indicator


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