Internet Enabled Weighing Systems

Internet enabled weighing systems  or scales
Internet enabled weighing systems  or scales

Internet Enabled Weighing Systems

IOT Enabled Weighing Systems and Scales

Weighing Solution & Instrumentation has introduced another new product in the market: Internet Enabled Weighing Systems and scales. Internet enabled weighing systems  or scales will connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi network available at the site and then send the data to a could from where the android app installed on your mobile / tab will fetch the data and display on screen. You can receive the data on your computer application also while you are miles away from the system.

Internet enabled weighing systems  or scales will connect to the internet by using the Wi-Fi connection at the place of installation. It will then send the data to internet every 10 seconds. We can also supply the android app which can display the weight of a particular weighing system on your Android mobile/Tablet screen and will be updated every 10 seconds. So, no need to send mail or call back to factory to get the stock details. You can have the stock on your mobile / tab screen anytime anywhere.

Be it a internet enabled tank weighing system, internet enabled hopper weighing system, internet enabled silo weighing system, internet enabled online weighers and totalizers, or just a simple table top or platform type weighing scale can be supplied with this feature. Data of multiple weighing systems or scales can be displayed on one screen.

The scale can also post the data directly to the configured Google Sheets directly. As soon as the weight on the platform stabilizes, the scale posts the data along with Date and time to the Google sheets. If multiple scales are posting data in same spreadsheet, then there will be a scale ID transmitted from the scale itself.

Any customized weighing system can also be made with this feature.


  1. Tank weighing systems
  2. Hopper weighing systems
  3. Silo weighing systems
  4. Any other type of weighing system or scale.

Technical Details:

  • Available capacities: Any capacity can be made
  • Accuracy: Typically 0.01% of the capacity. But can change as per application
  • Refresh rate on could: 10 seconds.
  • Refresh rate on app: 10 seconds.
  • App: Android
  • Requirement at the place of installation: Wi-Fi connectivity with internet.
  • Requirement in mobile/ Tab: Internet connection & our android app

Available Options for Internet Enabled Weighing Systems:

  1. Server Mode: The weighing system or scale will create a Wi-Fi network of its own and any client can connect to this network by providing password and can read the data.
  2. client Mode: The weighing system or scale will connect to the existing Wifi network and will give the data can be read by the server using following options:

a. HTML Web Page: You can type the IP address of the Weighing system along with HTTP port and the                       weight data will be displayed in the browser as HTML webpage.

b. TCP-IP Protocol: The data can also be read by TCP-IP protocol in both server and client mode.

c. Wi-Fi to Telnet: The data can also be read by accessing the Telnet port of the IP address of the Weighing                       system or scale.

d. Data to Cloud: The data can be sent to the cloud storage of the customer.

e: Data to Website: The data can be sent to the webpage on customers website.

f: Data to Twitter: The data can be sent to the Twitter account of the customer in form on tweet.

g: Data can Directly be uploaded to Google Sheets: The scale can be WiFi enabled and will post the data to associated google sheets directly from the scale. The owner of the Google account can log in to his/ her google account from any where in the world and can see the data in the Google Drive / Google Sheets. These scales are connected with Google sheets.

The Demo video of the product in server mode can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZjxG_WH22I


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