Load Cell Amplifiers and Converters


Amplifiers and Converters

We have complete range of load cell Amplifiers and Converters to be used in weighing automation and other applications.

Amplifiers are used to amplify the load cell signal and converters are used to convert the signal into another form.

The load cells are typically given 5-12VDC as excitation voltage and @2mv/V at 10VDC excitation, the full scale output of a load cell is 20mv which is very small and low voltage. However, it can be fed directly to the ADC (analog to digital converter) but need to amplified to suit other requirements of interfacing load cells with other systems. Integrating the load cell system with other systems such as PLC, Computer system, Networks requires the signals to be amplified and also converted to required format to enable the system to connect to the load cell systems and read the accurate data from it. However, the analog amplifiers are not suitable for very high accuracy operations. Typically the user can get a accuracy of about 4000 scale intervals. But in digital formats, we can offer the accuracy of 20,000 to 50,000 scale intervals.

In amplifiers, we have:

  • Operational amplifiers.
  • Isolation Amplifiers.
  • +/- 2.5v DC Amplifier
  • 0 to 2.5v DC Amplifier
  • +/- 5v DC Amplifier
  • 0 to 5v DC Amplifier
  • +/- 10v DC Amplifier
  • 0 to 10 v DC Amplifier

Load cells always gives output in analog voltage form typically @2mv/v.  This signal voltage need to be amplified and in some cases need to be converted to other digital or analog form for interfacing with other systems or making the data useful for other systems.

In convertors, we have:

  • 4-20ma converter
  • Signal to Frequency converter
  • Load Cell to Digital converter
  • Load Cell to RS-232 converter
  • Load Cell to RS-485 converter
  • Load Cell to Ethernet Converter


  • Very stable bridge excitation
  • Wide range filtering 1Hz to 5KHz
  • 100dB CMR
  • Wide range of Supply Voltage
  • Fully isolated excitation supply
  • DIN Rail mounting


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