Online Weight Totalizers

Online Weight Totalizers

Weight Accumulators

Online weight totalizers or online weight accumulators are systems which weighs the materials on the move with very high accuracy as compared to conventional belt weighers or conveyor weighing systems.

Online weight totalizers or accumulators use two hoppers with automatic gates with control mechanism and a digital weight indicator cum totalizer.

The material coming out of the drier, sorter or washer will be fed to a two hopper arrangement. Here the first hopper will be a buffer hopper. The second hopper is a based on load cells and is a weighing hopper. The incoming material is allowed to come into the weighing hopper until it reaches a threshold. Upon reaching the threshold, the incoming material to the weighing hopper is closed by closing the gate of buffer hopper. Now the incoming material is stopped and is being stored in the buffer hopper. The system give some time for the material in weighing hopper to stabilize.

Then the weight is taken, added to the previous reading, count is added. And if required, the current weight reading is given to the PLC or any other system and then the material is discharged from the weighing hopper.

When the weight in the weighing hopper becomes zero, the discharge gate of weighing hopper closes and the gate of buffer hopper is opened to enable the material flow into the weighing hopper and the process repeats.


The main advantage of these systems is that is gives much more accuracy in weighing. When compared to the conventional belt weighers or conveyor weighing systems. Normally the accuracy of belt or conveyor weighing systems is 1% whereas our systems can even give the accuracy of 0.01% of the rated capacity in each weighing.

These type of systems can be used in any type of material and industry. Customization at any point is possible as per customers requirement. The system can be designed in any capacity.

to see the video of this system, Visit: https://youtu.be/m–6gc7a3Ww

onlie weight accumulator
Online weight totalizer online weight accumulator


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