Pedal Force Sensor

pedal force sensor
Pedal force transducer

Pedal Force Sensor

The Pedal Force sensor is specially designed to measure the force applied to Brake, Clutch or Accelerator pedals . Or any other similar  pedals which are pressed or operated by a human being or a machine. Pedal force sensor converts the force applied onto the pedal into the electrical signal. Digital indicator converts this signal into exact force reading in Kgf or N.

Low capacity and high accuracy sensors are available for accelerator pedals etc and high capacity sensors too are available for high force applications such as brake and clutch pedals.

Mounting of the sensor is very quick and easy. This makes it ideal to be used during normal driving conditions also without any interference. These sensors are independent of the angle of the activation force.

Digital indicator comes with variety of signal outputs apart from digital display. Therefore, interfacing this system with any other system easy. It can give output in form of 4-20ma, 0-10VDC, RS-232, RS-485 and set points are also available to take potential free relay outputs. Indicator also have built in peak hold function to hold the peak data on the display until reset by the user.


1. Measure the force applied to the pedal and store / transmit it.

2. Gives force readings independent of the angle of activation.

3. Ideal for use under test conditions or normal driving conditions.


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