Pit Less Weighbridge

Pit Less weighbridge, also known as surface mounted weighbridge, as the name suggests, is a weighbridge which is not mounted in a pit. It is installed on and above the road level hence raising the bridge from the road level to a significant height. Ramps are made on both the sides of the bridge to enable easy access and removal of trucks onto the bridge deck for weighing.

This type of weighbridges are useful where lot of rainfall takes place. Because of the bridge being at a significant height from the road level, the water does not accumulate under the bridge hence there is no threat to the weighbridge from the water. This type of Weighbridge is also useful where the user want to shift the weighbridge to other places very often, like construction sites. The foundation of this weighbridge is less costly and easy to built hence it is easy to make the foundation at a new place and shift the weighbridge to new location easily.

Pit less weighbridge

This system is also a steel bridge mounted on the load cells which are mounted on the pillars made of concrete as foundation. The system is 4,6,8 or 10 load cell based and is also a fully digital and electronic system. Because of no moving parts, there is no need of periodic maintenance and calibration. 

The digital indicator indicates the weight of the vehicle standing of the bridge. It is Sigma/Delta ADC and advanced microcontroller based digital system which reads the data from load cells and converts it into weight and then displays it on LED display. There are two types of indicators available:

  1. Digital Indicator with serial port
  2. Intelligent Terminal

The digital indicator with serial port is a stand alone type of system. It can be used as it is with any other accesory. It will display the weight of the vehicle on the bridge. It does not have any storage capacity so as soon as the vehicle leaves the bridge, the display return to Zero. There is a serial communication port in this type of indicator. With the help of this port, this indicator can be connected to the computer system where a dedicated software (supplied by us) will perform the job of taking input from operator and processing a weigh ticket and also the data is kept in memory of the computer. The computer can perform multiple other jobs also apart from doing the weighbridge part.

On other hand, the Intelligent Terminal, is a computer in itself which is designed to perform all the tasks related to the weighbridge and can print weigh slip on attached printer. It has limited memory of 1000 or 4000 slips and need to be deleted once the memory is full. Only a keyboard and a printed is to be connected to this terminal and it is ready to serve the user with full functionality of a dedicated computer.

It takes normally 10 to 20 days from starting of the foundation work to complete the installation of the weighbridge. Major part of this time is given to the foundation part as it is most vital and important part in long running of the weighbridge. Once the foundation is ready, other installation will take hardly a day or two if done in full swing. Calibration procedures are simple and easy to perform.

Some standard capacities and platform sizes are given below:

Capacity        Accuracy                Platform size

20ton                    2kg                         5000x3000mm

30ton                    5kg                         6000x3000mm

40ton                    5kg                         7000x3000mm

40ton                    5kg                         7500x3000mm

40ton                    5kg                         8000x3000mm

50ton                    5kg                         7500x3000mm

50ton                    5kg                         8000x3000mm

50ton                    5kg                         9000x3000mm

60ton                    5kg                         9000x3000mm

80ton                    10kg                       9000x3000mm

80ton                    10kg                       12000x3000mm

80ton                    10kg                       14000x3000mm

100ton                  10kg                       16000x3000mm

200ton                  20kg                       16000x3000mm

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