Portable Truck Scale

Portable Truck Scale

Weigh Pads

Model: BWP-05

Weigh pads 1

WSI and BEST Load cells offer unique solution for weighing Trucks in a form of portable truck scale, also known as Weigh Pads, available with different number of pads as the requirement of the customer.

All the portable truck scale or pads are connected to the single indicator with display and optional printer and with inbuilt rechargeable battery for backup upto 10 hours of continuous usage.


  • Easy to carry portable type
  • Option to display weight of each wheel or total of all wheels
  • Semi-permanent structure made from aluminium / Steel
  • Outstanding water resistant and vibration proof effect
  • Suitable of any type of vehicle
  • High accuracy
  • Slim Design

In the wheel weighing mode, the total function can be printed / Displayed are:

– The weight of the each platform

– Sum of any of their combinations

– Total weight of all the platforms

– Number of Weighments performed

– The accumulated weight and the sum of the subtotals carried out

– Print the center of Gravity Coordinates

Weigh Pads 2


Capacity: 10t, 20t, 25t, 35t,50t per pad

Accuracy: +/- 1% of FSO

Active Weighing Surface: 28″width X 16″ length / 28″ Width X 120″ Length

Overload Limit: 120% of Rated Capacity

Ground Requirement: Concrete or Bitumen Surface

Weigh Pads 3

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