Side Mounted Shear Beam Load Cell

 Side Mounted Shear Beam Load Cell

Model: BJL-SM


WSI Manufactures Side Mounted Shear Beam Load Cell  model no BJL-SM under “BEST” Brand. These load cells are specially designed and manufactured for applications where the standard mounting of the load cell (top – Bottom) is not possible or recommended. For example, this type of load cell is more suitable for application where an extended arm need to be mounted onto the load cell and the weight being transferred onto that arm need to be measured. One side of this load cell can be mounted onto the wall or any other similar rigid surface and the other end, load point, can be connected with the mechanism which will transfer the load onto the load cell. Normal shear beam load cell can also work in this type of application but if the length of the arm is more, than standard shear beam load cells take time to stabilize, tend to bend a lot more and also the mounting are stressed many a times more than the rated load. Our Side mounted shear beam load cell eliminates all these problems and gives a sturdy, hassle free and accurate weight every time.

This load cell consumes very less space in mounting and can take much higher loads.


Capacity:                                                                  500kg, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t

Output:                                                                     3mv/V

Excitation:                                                              10VDC (max 15VDC)

Safe Overload                                                      150% of Rated Cap.

Zero Balance                                                        0.3% of RO

Non Linearity                                                      -0.5% of RO

Non Repeatability                                              -0.1% of RO

Hysteresis                                                              -0.5% of RO

Temperature effect on Zero                           -0.01% of RO/°C

Temperature effect of span                            -0.02% of load/°C

Compensated Temperature Range                 25 to 50 °C

Operating Temperature                                    10 to 55 °C

Output Resistance                                              350 Ω (+/- 10 Ω)



side mount jumbo 2-2


Side mount jumbo 1-1


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