Software for Weighing Systems


Software for Weighing systems

We at Weighing Solutions & Instrumentation also undertake development of software for weighing systems. In our vast experience in weighing industry, we came across many clients who needed customized software for handling and controlling of weight data and weighing systems. As we had no in house capability to cater these customers, we had to outsource them or we had to put it in the scope of customer which resulted in escalated costs and the quality and usability of the software was compromised as two different people were working on one system with no knowledge on one another.

This was when we decided to have our in house software development team and cater these type of requirements of customised software for weighing systems. We have already done following and many other such projects in very short span of time giving much more satisfaction and cost effective solutions to our clients.

Some of the projects done are:

Weighbridge surveillance software:

Many of our existing and new customers demanded that when the truck is weighed on the weighbridge, there is no way to check if it was weighed correctly, it was placed properly on the bridge and if any other malpractice was done. Many industrial clients wanted to get the weighbridge and weighing process fully automated and operator less.  We provided solution by installing position sensors around weighbridge to get the position of the vehicle on weighbridge, cameras to take picture of the vehicle on bridge while the weight is being taken send email of the weigh slip to the pre entered email addresses. In operator less weighbridges, the RFID cards and reader are used to eliminate the use of operator to process the data of vehicle, material, supplier etc. This system can be installed in any existing fully electronic weighbridge.

Networking of Scales:

The requirement of user was to get the weight data of 25 production lines and store and process the data time, shift, grade and product wise at one place rather than installing 10 computers to do this job. 25 GODSUN make Weighing Scales with half duplex RS-485 communication were installed on all 25 production lines and the data was being sent to one server and the server was running the software which was monitoring the complete working on each production line with all the requirements of customer being fulfilled to the highest level of satisfaction.

Batch Weighing System:

The requirement was of a cement plant where the automatic batching of raw material like stone, clay and coke was to be done. The simple way was to install load cells and indicators with relay outputs and open / close gates as when the required quantity of weight accumulated in the silo. But, the issue was that when the quantity of each raw material commodity is required to be changed, the user had to program all the three weight controllers individually which was not acceptable by customer as he wanted a one stop solution for complete system. We automated the complete system and installed weight controllers with two way communication. When the user changed the required quantity in the software of PC/ PLC the PC / PLC programs the Weight controllers to give relay outputs at that particular setting. By this the user was also getting details of number of batches made in a day with exact weight of material in batch and total raw material used.

We can cater any type of requirement in weighing, load cells and softwares / hardware for weighing systems.

In case you have any particular requirement, please drop a mail stating your detailed requirement.



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