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Model: Best-LVWS-WL/WR

Vehicle Weighing System is recent addition from Weighing Solutions & Instrumentation for cars, small vehicles, Aircrafts, Trucks and trailers.

The vehicle weighing system is essentially an axle weighing system which weighs each axle of the vehicle when the vehicle is parked on weighing pads. These weight pads coupled with digital indicator is known as Vehicle Weighing System.

For Automobile manufacturers , the weight of the every vehicle produces is equally important. And weight of each axle is important after the car is manufactured for the quality check and to check chassis dynamics of the vehicle. In the light of  this requirements, WSI have the Vehicle weighing system which consists of four weighing pads and a digital indicator.

In the first place, the commercial weigh bridges are fixed types and cannot be moved. To say nothing of, they are installed on the fixed foundations. As the matter of fact, the truck or trailer to be weighed has to be brought on to the weigh bridge. Given these points, the LVWS is the best option where the vehicle cannot go to the weighbridge for weighing or on road testing of weight of the truck by RTO and road maintenance agencies.

Not to mention, aircrafts also need to be weighed to know the center of gravity of the aircraft.


The weigh pads are made with Mild steel or aluminum. Additionally, very high quality and resolution load sensors are used in these weigh pads. Not to mention, the pads have ramps on both the sides, so that the vehicle can climb and descent to any side. By the same token, the weigh pads are very rugged and sturdy in nature and are very long lasting. The weigh pads are not very heavy also and can be carried easily.

Each weigh pad has its own battery backup for the wireless transmitter which connects the weigh pads with the digital indicator. The battery of each weigh pad can work for around 48 hrs of continuous usage. It can be charged by the charger provided with the system. All the four pads can be individually charged. The charge indicator and power on indicator is provided on the weigh pads.

The indicator is very high precision electronic device which has a wireless receiver and a LCD display. It also has inbuilt rechargeable battery backup in it, and it can also work for 48hrs at a stretch. The indicator shows the following readings on the display:

  1. Weight of each axle in FR, FL, RR & RL format
  2. Percentage of each axle in total weight
  3. Total weight of the vehicle

The BEST-LVWS-WL model is with wireless communication with pads and can also send the data to a computer system wirelessly.

The BEST-LVWS-WR model is with wired communication with pads and computer system.


The system is available in following capacities:

  1. 2000kg (4 weigh pads of 500 kg each)
  2. 3000kg (4 weigh pads of 750 kg each)
  3. 4000kg (4 weigh pads of 1000 kg each)
  4. 6000kg (4 weigh pads of 1500 kg each)
  5. 10ton (4 weigh pads of 2.5t each)
  6. 20ton (4 weigh pads of 5t each)
  7. 40ton (4 weigh pads of 10t each)
  8. 60ton (4 weigh pads of 15t each)
  9. 60ton (6 weigh pads of 10t each)
  10. 100ton (4 weigh pads of 25t each)
  11. 120ton (6 weigh pads of 20t each)

Any custom requirement in terms of display, communication, capacity can also be incorporated into the system as per customer’s requirement.

Technical Specifications:


PARAMETER                                                           VALUE                                                 UNIT
Rated Output-R.o.                                                       2.0                                                         mV/V
Rated Output Tolerance                                              1.0                                                       mV/V
Zero balance                                                                  1                                                           mV/V
Non Linearity                                                              0.015                                               +/- % RO
Zero Return ( 20 minutes)                                       0.030                                            % of applied Load
Temp. Effect On min. Dead Load Output             0.0026                                        % of Applied Load/C
Temperature effect on Sensitivity                           0.0015                                        % of Applied Load/C
Temperature Range, Compensated                    -10 to +40                                           Degree Celsius
Operating Temperature Range                           -20 to +60                                           Degree Celsius
Maximum Safe Overload                                           150 %                                                    of R.C.
Ultimate Overload                                                      200 %                                                    of R.C.
Excitation, recommended                                            10                                                  Vdc or Vac rms
Excitation, maximum                                                   15                                                  Vdc or Vac rms
Input Impedance                                                      770 +/- 10                                                  ohms
Output impedance                                                   700 +/- 5                                                    ohms
Insulation Resistance                                              >5000                                                     mega-ohms
Construction                                                         Aluminum / Alloy Steel
Environmental protection                                        IP 67


Display: 20×4 Jumbo Backlit LCD display

ADC: 24bit Sigma Delta

Micro controller: 8051 Derivative

Data communication: 2.4 GHz RF

Power: Inbuilt Rechargeable battery backup / 220v AC 50Hz for Charging

Environmental Protection: IP65

Enclosure: High grade shock proof Industrial Instrument case

Vehicle Axle weighing system
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