Volume and Weight Measurement System

Volume and Weight Measurement System

Volumetric Weighing System

Model: VWMS-SA-01

vms display
Display of volume measurement system

Introducing, first ever in market, the weighing scale based Volume and Weight Measurement System from WSI.

Measuring the box is very basic and vital requirement of courier, logistics and e-commerce companies.  In many cases, the weight of box is way less than the volume of the box. In these cases, courier and logistics companies incur huge losses as the volume is higher and weight is less.

So, to compensate these losses, these companies charge on volumetric weight. To calculate Volumetric weight, multiply Length, width and height of the box with a predefined value.

If the box weighs higher than volumetric weight, then the charges are calculated as per actual weight of the box. If the box weighs less than volumetric weight of the box, then the charges are calculated as per the volumetric weight.

Measuring the box manually with the help of the scale or measuring tape is quite a hassle and can be done if only one or two boxes are there. But if there are hundreds and thousands of boxes and each one is to be measured and weighed at a same time, it is manually very time consuming and next to impossible and also the chances of human error will be very high.

We have developed the semi-automatic Volume and weight measurement system at WSI. This system is result of continuous R&D and endeavour to give new and best products to the market. This system measures the dimensions of the box placed on the platform of weighing scale and gives the Volume, volumetric weight and actual weight of the box on the LCD display. Just place the box in a corner of the platform of the weighing scale and the rest is done by the system automatically.

The system is based on three distance measuring sensors placed along with the platform of the weighing scale. One sensor measures the length, another one measures the width and third one measures the height of the box. Now the system performs the calculation: (Length x width x height) x Factor=Volumetric charges.

As the system is installed on a weighing scale and is interconnected with the weighing scale, the actual weight of the box is also read from the weighing system. The system shows the information on the LCD display. The information displayed on the display is Volume of the box, Volumetric Charges and actual weight of the box. This information can be modified / changed and can be customized as the requirement of customer.

This system is available in different capacities and maximum dimensions of the box. The maximum size of the box suitable for particular model is predefined and it can measure the box under the permissible size only.  The accuracy of the measurement is 1 cm in each axis.

System with higher accuracy in measurement i.e. 1mm each axis is also available.


See the Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fXtmUpF9Wg




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