Weighing scale with Barcode Scanner

Weighing Scale with Barcode Scanner

(Digital weighing scale with USB barcode scanner connectivity)

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WSI introduces its GODSUN range of digital weighing scale with barcode scanner, the result of our continuous endeavour to give best and latest products to our customers,. Essentially, these weighing scale have option to connect any existing USB barcode scanner with the scale and the scale sends the barcode data and weight data to PC when a barcode is scanned.

Weighing scale with barcode scanner connectivity
Weighing scale with barcode scanner connectivity

We came across many app developers who were working on the POS Apps and were interested in incorporating digital weighing scale to the POS application as the weighing scale is most important and inseparable device of any store. Now if the weighing scale is to be connected to the PC USB port, the barcode scanner is also required to be connected to a free USB port.

Sometimes the free USB port is not available and it becomes problem to connect many devices to the PC. And in software also, the app has to listen to different ports at a same time for barcode data and weight data. When this scale is put into place, the barcode scanner is connected to the weighing scale instead of the PC, and when a barcode is scanned, the weighing scale sends the data of scanned barcode along with the weight data to the USB / Serial port of the PC. This way, the app gets the data of barcode and weight by listening to one port only and hence the software part is made easy to write.

Also the scale sends the reading of the weight after it has stabilised on the scale. If a barcode is scanned but the weight on the scale is not stable, the scale will transfer the barcode data but will wait for the weight to stabilize before sending the weight data. Hence, you are sure that you have received the correct weight data only and no need to compare the readings and taking a average.

These scales are also available with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity if you want to connect to the scale wirelessly. It is very easy to connect to the scale wirelessly and is very convenient for operating the App from TAB or a Mobile phone or a bluetooth enables PC.

The software of the scale can be customized as per customers requirement.

All capacities and sizes of scales are available with the Barcode scanner connectivity.

To see the working of the scale, see this video (Wired Connection): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX-Vnf5a_5o


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