Weight Data Logger

Weight Data Logger

Data logger for weighing scales

WSI, proudly presents the Weight data logger. This is essentially a data logger device designed and made for the weighing scales to work as data logger for weighing scales.

The application of weighing scales and systems is very vast and the we often came across the requirement from customers to log the weight data into a pen drive or SD card which can be connected to a computer later and the data can be retrieved from it.

Initially we developed as indicator with a data logging facility. But the need of a stand alone data logger was also felt as the customer wanted to log the data from their existing weighing scales of systems.

To cater this requirement, we designed and developed a data logger device which can be connected to the serial port of any existing weighing scales and the data can be logged. Optionally, date and time stamp can also be saved along with the weight data.

This device is compatible with almost every weighing scale or system having serial port for data communication. The device is very easy connect and use. Just connect the power to the logger, connect the logger to the serial port of the scale or system, connect a pen drive or SD card and it is ready to log the data.

The weight data logger has LED indicators for Power status, USB error, and logging functions.

Any normal pen drive upto 32gb capacity can be connected with the weight data logger. The file created on the pen drive can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel, CSV file or a simple Word or Text file. Every Time the pen drive is connected, a new logging file is created if the earlier logging files are not erased.

Any custom requirement can also be catered as per customer requirement.

Weight data logger

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