Weighing Scale With Bar code Printer

Weighing Scale With Bar code Printer

Digital Weighing scale generating bar code labels.

At Weighing Solution and Instrumentation ,we are continuously improving our products as well as adding new products to our product line. We make Weighing Scale with Bar Code printer.

We came across many customers who were in need of bar code labels which had weight printed in bar code on the label along with other information so that it could be read easily into the system later. They were using either weighing scales connected to the computer and then generating the label by getting the weight automatically from the scale or else by putting the weight manually into the label.

When the weight was being added manually into the label, there are very high chances of human error in writing the weight and also, it is a very time consuming and laborious job.

We came out with a solution to this problem. Our Weighing scale with bar code printer is perfect solution. This weighing scale directly connects to the bar code printer and prints the labels eliminating the need to computer system and manual data entry.

The information like product code, expiry date, date and time, etc can be fed into the scale and the scale will generate the label with all this information along with bar code of the information required in bar coded form. Different type of bar code options are available as per user requirement and label size can also be selected as the information to be printed. There are options of selecting a polyester or paper labels.

The cost of label and printing is very low hence making it ideal for high volume applications.

The scale can either print the label automatically as soon as the weight on the platform stabilizes or it can generate the label by pressing the PRINT key.

The scales are available is many different capacities and accuracy and platform sizes.

Customization of the scale, label, information is also available as per customer requirement.

The demo video of the scale can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYFboJpWtGk



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